WYO Philly Food Truck

Inquires for WyoPhilly Food Truck For And Event:

WyoPhilly Food Truck is licensed with the state of Wyoming and maintains current liability insurance, a Wyoming state health license, and fire inspection certificates. If you're coordinating an event and considering inviting WyoPhilly Food Truck, here are the details we require:

  1. Date of the event.
  2. Event fee, if applicable, and due date.
  3. Setup time, serving hours, and closing time.
  4. We need a level area measuring sixty feet in length for parking the food trailer and truck with generators.
  5. If a 50 amp outlet is available, parking length can be reduced to 35 feet.
  6. Estimated attendance for the event.
  7. List of other food trucks attending the event.
  8. Confirmation if employees are responsible for their own food.
  9. Availability of trash receptacles for garbage disposal.
  10. Name and cellphone number of the event coordinator.

General Information for Scheduling WyoPhilly Food Truck

To schedule the WyoPhilly food truck for your private event, wedding, office party, or large get-together, we require a minimum of 150 guests at a baseline of $2000.00 for a four-hour event. Any additional guests beyond the 150 mark will be charged at $15.00 per plate. You have the liberty to choose from our entire menu while supplies last.

Our exclusive menu features a delightful array of options including pork, chicken, brisket, mac and cheese, complemented by our acclaimed queso bravo cheese sauce and our signature in-house BBQ sauce. These delectable offerings are available in sandwiches, nachos, and a variety of plate combinations.

Chef Robert Caputa leads our culinary expertise. With over 30 years of success in the food business, Chef Rob owned his own full-service restaurant for twenty years. During this time, he catered numerous weddings, ranging from casual to very elegant affairs, and supported countless local events. The WyoPhilly food truck has been proudly served at prestigious venues such as Bear Trap Summer Fest, Nic Fest, Natrona County Fair, Duck Derby, and celebrations like the Fourth of July at the Convention Center - from large-scale events to intimate gatherings, we've done it all!

In addition to our mouthwatering menu, we are pleased to offer refreshing beverages such as fresh lemonade and 24oz bottled water. A tally will be maintained and added to the final event bill for your convenience.

Please note that all menu items will be available until supplies last and will be served thoughtfully in Styrofoam hinged-lid containers, accompanied by utensils and individually wrapped salt and pepper packets.

For your convenience, we provide one 50-gallon trashcan situated near our food truck. However, please be advised that the responsibility for all other garbage and trash collection during cleanup will not be managed by WyoPhilly.

To ensure your event runs smoothly, we kindly request a level, 60-foot area in a flat parking spot and access to a 50-amp plug within 50 feet from the receptacle. In the event that one is unavailable, our generators can be utilized for an additional fuel charge of $20.

A 0.20% gratuity will be added to the total bill, along with a 0.5% state tax.

Lastly, for your safety, it's important to note that we use peanut oil in our food preparation. While we strive to cater to your needs, we cannot assume responsibility for any allergic reactions, including those related to seafood, shellfish, foodborne illnesses, or foodborne allergies. Your well-being is paramount, and we encourage you to consider any dietary concerns before indulging in our offerings

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