Where Philly "meats" Wyoming
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At WyoPhilly food trucks, speed is our pride! We boast being one of the fastest-service food trucks in Wyoming. For an even quicker experience, place your order online and pick it up at our food truck take-out window at your specified time. We accept various forms of payment, including cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. WyoPhilly loves catering to large orders, so treat your family to a hassle-free meal (no dishes to wash) or surprise your employees with a delicious lunch. We've got you covered!

Find out when WyoPhilly Food Truck is serving your community!

Three easy steps:

  1. Text to the phone number 833-696-0170.
  2. Key in the title of your town that you live in.
  3. Send.
You will receive a text notification of locations and times when WyoPhilly Food truck is serving your community. Please share the news!