Where Philly "meats" Wyoming
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At WyoPhilly food trucks, we're known for our lightning-fast service and one-of-a-kind Western Philly experience! Picture this: succulent pork, juicy chicken, or mouthwatering brisket, topped with our famous queso cheese or slathered in our signature sweet BBQ sauce. For an even speedier experience, order online and swing by our food truck take-out window at your chosen time. At WyoPhilly food truck, Chef Rob Caputa stands behind every purchase. If you're ever unsatisfied, please send us a direct message, and we'll make it right. We accept cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. WyoPhilly loves catering large orders, so whether it's a stress-free family meal or a delightful surprise for your hardworking team, we've got you covered! No dishes, no worries!

Find out when WyoPhilly Food Truck is serving your community!

Three easy steps:

  1. Text to the phone number 833-696-0170.
  2. Type in with only the name of the town that you live in.
  3. Send.
You'll exclusively receive one-way text notifications about WyoPhilly Food Truck's serving locations, times, and any unfortunate cancellations in your community.

For inquiries, kindly text to 307 797 6080.