The WyoPhilly food truck brings an exceptional blend of Wyoming and the East flavors straight to your taste buds! Imagine sinking your teeth into a seven-inch hoagie bun overflowing with tender pork, chicken, or brisket. Picture this mouthwatering creation adorned with perfectly smoked peppers and onions, each bite delivering a symphony of robust, hearty tastes inspired by Wyoming's culinary heritage.

But wait, it gets even better! If hoagies aren't your style, imagine savoring these delicious meats atop a bed of fresh kettle chips. And here's the kicker - these chips are generously smothered in our famous queso bravo cheese or glazed with our sweet in-house BBQ sauces. It's a flavor explosion that combines the essence of Wyoming's ruggedness with the irresistible zest of the East's diverse palette.

It`s where the East "meats" Wyoming!

WyoPhilly Sandwich

Tender brisket, smoked peppers and onions, queso bravo cheese sauce, and fresh kettle chips.

WyoPhilly Nachos

Fresh kettle chips, tender brisket, topped with queso bravo cheese sauce and smoked pepper and onions.

Lastly, for your safety, it's important to note that we use peanut oil in our food preparation. While we strive to cater to your needs, we cannot assume responsibility for any allergic reactions, including those related to seafood, shellfish, foodborne illnesses, or foodborne allergies. Your well-being is paramount, and we encourage you to consider any dietary concerns before indulging in our offerings