Uniting the Community With Food

Learn what makes us passionate about food in Mills, WY

For more than 20 years, WYO Philly Food truck has been in the food industry crafting unique and delicious menu items. We've owned a wide range of establishments in the past, including a full-service restaurant, drive-up liquor store and a bowling alley. Over the years, we realized that our best asset was our food truck, so we took it to the streets of Mills, WY to bring our food to the community.

Try one of our signature barbecue dishes for yourself by visiting our food truck.

Treat your ones to some high-quality barbecue

Nothing brings people together better than delicious food. Whether you're taking home a philly sandwich or gathering your friends at our food truck, we'll be your go-to place for high-quality food that always satisfies.

Our goal is to unite our community by sharing our food. Visit our truck today to share a meal with your loved ones.